Feb. 17-19, 2016

Another snow day!

This week in class…

Language Arts:  We will be reviewing problems and solutions in stories as well as using proper punctuation in our writing.

In Math:  We will continue to learn our doubles and carry that over into subtraction of halves.

In Science: We will be continuing to learn all about different types on animals and their characteristics.

Our Animal Project is due on Feb. 23, 2016.   Please remember that while grown up help is expected with first grade projects, please allow the child to do a majority of the work.

There will be no spelling word homework this week.  With only three school days, I feel as though it is not enough time to learn new spelling words and have a spelling test.  There will be a math worksheet to be completed.

Moving right along…

Now in our fourth week of school, we have settled into a steady routine.  The students are enjoying one another and know what is expected of them throughout the day.

The 1st grade will be going on our first field trip on October 6th!

A permission slip and all of the important information about the trip was sent home with your child last week. We will be attending a play called “Enchanted Sleeping Beauty” at the Riverside Theater in Fredricksburg. The cost of the trip is $15 and each child needs to have a packed lunch. The theater is a “Nut Free” facility so please do not pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your child! The students can not have anything with nuts in their lunch.

Each class is only allowed to have 2 chaperones  and these chaperones will also have to pay the $15 fee for the trip.  Let me know if you would like to be a chaperone because I will be drawing names out of a hat this week! Unfortunately, other parents will NOT be allowed to follow the bus and meet us there. The theater has only allotted us a certain number of seats and there will not be any extra seats available.

Please make sure to sign and return your child’s permission slip and $15 fee as soon as possible! If you have questions or need another field trip form, do not hesitate to contact me at jpittman@ccps.us!

We are looking forward to a fun field trip!